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Exercise on Prescription Information

What is Exercise on prescription?

If you’re recovering from an illness or injury, or just want to improve overall health, you could receive exercise on prescription from your GP or other health professional.

The scheme lets your GP write you a prescription for a personalised 12-week exercise programme at Bridport Leisure Centre. You’ll receive  a private consultation with one of our qualified instructors, and together you’ll devise an exercise programme to help with recovery, or developing a more active lifestyle.

You’ll then have the guidance and support of your instructor as you progress through your personal exercise programme.

Exercise on prescription isn’t free but you do receive discounted rates across all our facilities including the fitness suite (including a half price induction), swimming, and all Active Wellbeing classes.

Exercise on prescription buddy scheme

Having a friend to share your exercise on prescription experience with can make all the difference. Commitment, encouragement and some healthy competition make exercising more fun for everyone.

If you have received exercise on prescription, you can nominate a friend or relative as your buddy, who will also benefit from exercise on prescription discounts.

How does exercise on prescription work?

  • visit your GP to see if exercise on prescription is right for you
  • bring your prescription to Bridport Leisure Centre to arrange an appointment
  • attend your appointment with your qualified instructor to discuss your 12-week exercise plan
  • start using the fitness suite (induction required), swimming pool and Active Wellbeing classes
  • bring a buddy if you want to
  • enjoy continued assessments and ongoing support with your instructor
  • stay fit and healthy!

For more information, please ask at reception or call 01308 427464 (option 1) or e-mail us at [email protected]