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Our Holiday Activities

SEN Soft Play Session

About The Activity

Our SEN (Special Educational Needs) soft play session offers a supportive environment welcoming children with diverse needs.

This sessions prioritises inclusivity and sensory engagement and is tailored specifically for families with SEN children.

Children can explore a range of equipment, stimulating their senses and promoting physical, cognitive, and social development.

This sensory play session engage sight, sound, movement, balance, and spatial awareness.

The equipment includes; gymnastics beams, mats and foam shapes, didicars, toys, soft play and the bouncy castle.

The session is for children aged 0 to 16 years, parent/guardian supervision is required at all times.


Call us on 01308 427464 to book your space.

Session Times

Friday 31st May
1.30pm to 3pm


£5.50 per child (squash and biscuits included)
Dorset Max Card or DLA Award to be shown on arrival.

Numbers are limited so pre-booking is essential.
Call (01308) 427464 now!

Activity Details

Fun and engaging team activities

Duration : 

90 minutes

Age : 

5 to 16 years

Features : 

A fun session that promotes physical and sensory engagement.

Location : 

Sports Hall

Schedule : 


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