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Hermione Welch

I have been teaching Gymnastics at Bridport Leisure Centre since 2000 when I started coaching the junior sessions whilst still at school and I took my Level 1 Gymnastics Coaching exam in 2001.

I continued coaching Gymnastics until 2003 when I moved into a full time operational role at Bridport Leisure Centre as a Centre Assistant but I continued coaching Gymnastics on a 1:1 basis for children with disabilities.

From Centre Assistant I progressed into the roles of Recreation Supervisor and Duty Manager before being appointed as Gymnastics and Activities Coordinator at the end of 2009.

I find my current role both challenging and very rewarding requiring me to not only coach Gymnastics but also be responsible for the entire Gymnastics team and the organisation of the Gymnastics programme. Since then I have taken on a more ‘admin’ role co-ordinating all of the children’s courses which I find both challenging and rewarding.

I find my current role works well having a balance between coaching and the office.
And the best part of my job as a Gymnastics Coach is watching the Gymnast’s progress up through the levels and coaching at senior level those we have taught since pre-school.