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T: 01308 427464

Booking and Cancellations

Booking a class:

We recommend members and non-members book fitness classes in advance to avoid disappointment. Booking opens from 6.45am for members and 8am for non-members, seven* days before the class. Booking is on a first come, first served basis. You can book in person, online or over the phone on 01308 427464.

*eight days in advance for All-inclusive members

Please check in at reception before your class and if you have booked over the telephone, pick up your booking receipt. Please present your booking receipt to the instructor when you attend the class.

Please note: members can pre-book themselves plus one further member at the same time.

We don’t take back to back bookings for fitness classes or badminton and squash courts as demand is so high.

Waiting lists:

When a space becomes available, all those on the waiting list will be emailed with a link to our online booking portal. It will work on a first come, first served basis, so everyone on the waiting list has an equal opportunity to book the space on the class. In order to receive an email notification of an available space, it is essential for your account to be linked to our online bookings. If you are not registered with online bookings, please see one of our reception team who will happily link your account and give you a password. Kindly note that if you aren’t successful at booking the available space, your waitlist status will remain.

No Shows and Late Cancellations:

If you know you are unable to attend a class please make sure you let us know either by calling reception or cancelling online. If you do not attend a class you have booked or cancel your space within 4 hours of the start time, a charge of £5.00 will be applied to your account. Please be aware that the charges are there to encourage a more effective system. If a charge is applied to your account for any of the reasons above, you will need to pay the charge before any further bookings can be made. Charges can be paid via the online booking portal or at reception.