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Active Wellbeing

Active Wellbeing at Bridport Leisure Centre is a range of low impact, strength-building classes, specially designed for anyone who is looking to improve and maintain their fitness. Active Wellbeing classes are low impact and easy on joints with gentle, flowing movements, which also makes them great for those recovering from an illness or injury. All classes aim to build core strength and balance in a safe and enjoyable way.

Research tells us consistently that people who exercise are happier, healthier and more able to cope with stress and injury. To try one of our Active Wellbeing classes ask at reception or call 01308 427464.

Active Wellbeing Classes

Find the Active Wellbeing class at Bridport Leisure Centre that’s right for you:

  • Active Wellbeing Fitness Class

A gentle and fun class that includes a variety of traditional low impact, circuit-based exercises with Pilates and gentle aerobics. The session is followed by an informal chat with your classmates and instructor. A great way to increase confidence and energy levels, make new friends, learn about nutritional health and the benefits of leading an active lifestyle.

  • Active Wellbeing Multi

This morning session on Mondays and Thursdays combines the Active Wellbeing Fitness class with a choice of other activities, all for one price. Additional activities include a swim in our 25-metre pool,  a session in the fitness suite*, or a game of badminton or short tennis in the sports hall.

*requires an induction and wellness key.

  • Kinesis Wellbeing

This class takes place in the fitness studio and uses our revolutionary Kinesis resistance training equipment. It’s a low-impact and easy-to-master way to improve mobility, balance, strength and fitness. This is a small group class with a maximum of eight participants, offering plenty of one-to-one support from your instructor.

  • Aqua Wellbeing

This stimulating and sociable water-based class provides a safe and fun introduction to exercise in the water. Aqua fitness helps to increase muscle strength and build endurance, with the buoyancy allowing the body to move more freely.

  • Yoga Wellbeing

This gentle, all-abilities class offers a great introduction to the strengthening and calming practice of yoga. Guided by your fully qualified instructor, you’ll learn how simple poses, focussed breathing and meditation can help you relax and feel energised.

  • Walking Netball

Walking Netball is a slowed down version of the game of netball, designed for anyone looking to exercise in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment.  All ages and abilities welcome.  Every session includes a gentle warm-up.


Active Wellbeing Multi activities available from 9am
(fitness suite, swimming, badminton, short tennis)
Active Wellbeing Fitness Class 9am 10am Sports Hall             
Aqua Wellbeing 10.30am 11.15am Main Pool
Yoga Wellbeing 4.30pm 5.30pm Studio 2
KINESIS Wellbeing 6pm 7pm Studio 1


Aqua Wellbeing 10.30am 11.15am Main Pool
Aqua Wellbeing 11.15am 12pm Main Pool


Active Wellbeing Fitness Class 9am 10.15am Sports Hall
KINESIS Wellbeing 11am 12pm Studio 1
Walking Netball * 12.15pm 1.15pm Sports Hall

*Please note due to Monthly NHS Blood Donor Sessions in the Sports Hall, the Walking Netball class will be relocated to the BACIT Studio 

Active Wellbeing Multi activities available from 9am
(fitness suite, swimming, badminton, short tennis)
Active Wellbeing Fitness Class 10am 11am BACIT Studio           
Aqua Wellbeing 2pm 2.45pm Main Pool


Aqua Wellbeing 9am 9.45am Main Pool
KINESIS Wellbeing 9am 10am Studio 1
KINESIS Wellbeing 10am 11am Studio 1
Walking Netball 11.30am 12.30am Sports Hall


Active Wellbeing prices 2019: pay-as-you-go

Active Wellbeing Fitness Class
Active Wellbeing Multi
Kinesis Wellbeing/ Yoga Wellbeing/ Pilates Wellbeing
Adult non-member £5.90  £6.40
Adult non-member concessionary* £4.40  £4.80
Young person (16-24)* £3.85  £4.20

NEW: Do you receive Exercise on Prescription? Active Wellbeing classes are available to all Exercise on Prescription customers at a discounted rate.