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About The Class

Description: Kinesis is a fitness class that utilises the Kinesis Wall, a unique piece of equipment consisting of cables and pulleys attached to a moveable wall. This class is designed to offer a dynamic and versatile workout that emphasizes functional movements, core engagement, and improved overall strength, stability, and flexibility.

Key Elements:

Kinesis Wall: The Kinesis Wall is the central piece of equipment used in this class. It consists of multiple cables and pulleys with adjustable resistance levels, offering a wide range of exercise possibilities.
Functional Movements: Kinesis classes focus on functional movements that mimic real-life activities, such as pushing, pulling, lifting, and rotating. These movements translate to improved daily life functionality.
Full-Body Workout: Kinesis exercises engage muscles throughout the body, providing a comprehensive workout that enhances muscle strength and endurance.
Core Engagement: Many Kinesis exercises require core engagement for stability and proper form, leading to improved core strength.
Low Impact: Kinesis workouts are typically low-impact, making them suitable for individuals with joint issues or injuries.
Flexibility and Range of Motion: Kinesis exercises often incorporate dynamic stretching and range of motion movements, promoting flexibility and joint mobility.
Variety of Exercises: Kinesis classes offer a wide variety of exercises and movement patterns to keep workouts interesting and challenge different muscle groups.
Cardiovascular Conditioning: Depending on the workout format, Kinesis classes can include elements of cardiovascular conditioning to elevate the heart rate and improve endurance.
Adaptability: Instructors can adjust the resistance levels of the Kinesis Wall to suit different fitness levels and goals. Participants can progress by increasing resistance or complexity.
Mind-Body Connection: Kinesis workouts require concentration and mindfulness to execute exercises with proper form and technique.
Community and Motivation: Group Kinesis classes create a motivating and supportive environment. Participants often find encouragement in the group setting, pushing them to work harder.
Core Stability: Kinesis emphasises core stability, which is essential for maintaining balance and preventing injuries.
Posture Improvement: Kinesis exercises promote good posture by emphasising core engagement and proper body alignment.
Strength Building: Participants engage in a variety of resistance-based exercises that help build muscular strength, particularly in the upper body, back, and core.
Progress Tracking: Kinesis allows for easy tracking of progress, as participants can measure improvements in strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

In summary, Kinesis is a unique and dynamic fitness class that leverages the Kinesis Wall to provide a functional and versatile workout experience. Whether you’re looking to enhance functional fitness, improve core strength, or increase overall body stability and flexibility, Kinesis offers a comprehensive and effective fitness option suitable for participants of various fitness levels.

Class Schedule

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Fitness Class Timetable
Class Details

Functional Training for Balanced Fitness

Duration : 

60 Minutes

Intensity : 

Low to Moderate

Fitness Level : 


Focus & Benefits : 

Functional Movements, Strength, Adaptability

Key Features : 

Cable-Based Resistance Training

Schedule : 

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

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