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Management has taken the following decision in order to minimise the risk of cross-contamination during this time:

  1. All Fitness Mats / Blankets / Blocks / Bolsters / Belts have been removed from the Studios – please bring your own mat, towel, blanket and blocks. Please note Yoga mats and belts are available to buy from reception.

  2. It’s important at this time that we work together, to keep the gym and equipment clean and disinfected.

    Please use the antibacterial spray and white roll supplied, to keep surfaces clean and sanitised.

  3. Public Health England has confirmed that coronavirus will be inactivated at the level of chlorine used in swimming pools. It is COMPULSORY that pool users shower BEFORE entering and AFTER leaving the pool.

  4. All lost property (with exception of small valuable items) will be disposed of to minimise risk.

  5. The ball pit (used in Gym Tots / Parties etc.) will not be in use

Thank you for your cooperation during this time