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Customer Notice: change to booking procedures

Dear Members

Following feedback from yourselves and the introduction of online bookings, we have reviewed how we manage our Waiting lists, No shows and Late Cancellations with regards to Fitness Class bookings.

With over 100 classes running per week and the ability for customers to cancel online 24hrs a day, it is proving increasingly difficult to manage all these areas manually. Unfortunately, there are often empty spaces in classes with waiting lists. We hope the following changes will mean a faster and more effective turnover of waiting lists and an increase in class occupancy as a result.

Waiting lists

Currently when a receptionist is notified of a space on a class, they attempt to contact those customers on it to offer them the space. Understandably the quantity to deal with can be overwhelming and it is not always possible to get through on the phone, bringing the waiting list to a standstill.

What’s going to happen? – When a space becomes available on the class, all those on the waiting list will be emailed with a link to our online booking portal. It will work on a first-come, first-serve basis, so everyone on the waiting list has an equal opportunity to book the space on the class.
What do you need to do? – In order to receive an email notification of an available space, it is essential for your account to be linked to our online bookings. If you are not registered with online bookings, please see one of our reception team who will happily link your account and give you a password.

No Shows and Late Cancellations

Unfortunately, we have a number of occasions where customers fail to attend their class without any prior notice, or cancel last minute, sometimes just before the start time of the class. Both of these mean we are unable to offer the vacant space to a customer on the waiting list.

What’s going to happen? – If you do not attend a class you have booked or cancel your space within 4 hours of the start time, a charge of £5.00 will be applied to your account.
What do you need to do?  – If you know you are unable to attend a class please make sure you let us know either by calling Reception or cancelling online. All the customers on the waiting list for the class you have cancelled will instantly get an email notification of an available space, so the earlier you cancel the more time they have to book, rearrange their day and arrive on time.

All of the above will take effect from Tuesday 12th December 2017 in time for the New Year rush!

Please be aware that the charges are there to encourage a more effective system. If a charge is applied to your account for any of the reasons above, you will need to pay the charge before any further bookings can be made. Charges can be paid via the online booking portal or at Reception.

We understand that there are circumstances that are unavoidable however our Duty Managers are unable to remove any charge on your account.  If you wish to query any charge you will need to write to the General Manager, who will assess each case on merit.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and appreciate the feedback received to improve the management of these areas.

Kind Regards,

Bridport Leisure Centre