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Fitness class timetable and prices

2019 Fitness Class Times

Monday 7th January – Sunday 7th April 2019

2019 Pay-as-you-go fitness class prices

45 min     60 min  90 min
Adult non-member £5.90  £6.40  £8.00
Adult non-member concessionary* £4.40  £4.80 £6.00
Young person (16-24) £3.85  £4.20 £5.20

*Available to those of retirement age or receiving certain means-tested benefits. Proof of eligibility is required.

Fitness class descriptions

Abs Attack
This session will strengthen your abdominals and thoroughly work your whole core! 
Abs and Stretch
Tone your core by focusing on lean abs and a strong back. Balance out your strength and flexibility. 
Active Wellbeing Fitness
A mix of circuits, Pilates and aerobic exercises, followed by a wellbeing chat with your instructor.
Adult fitness swimming
Serious swimming for adults who want to improve stamina and stroke technique.
Classic aerobic moves and toning work, set to a fun soundtrack.
Aqua Blast
High intensity, low impact workout blasts your cardiovascular and endurance levels.
Aqua Fit
Lively water-based class delivering high impact fitness with low impact moves. A great intro to aqua fitness.
HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) comes to the pool! High intensity, low impact, and high resistance. Supportive swimwear required.
Aqua Wellbeing
Gentle exercises in the shallow end help you build strength. Also great for those recovering from injury or illness.
Body Conditioning
Using weights and bands works major and minor muscle groups to tone and carve out a sleek physique.
Cardio Dance Light
Easy to master dance routines with elements of Latin, rock and roll and jive, set to classical music from the 60s, ’70s and 80s. A low impact emphasis, perfect for older adults and beginners.
Circuit Training
Challenging mix of cardiovascular and resistance exercises to give a great full body workout. *
Deep Water Aqua Fit
Deep-end workout for those with water confidence, using aqua belts to maximise the range of movement, lengthen and strengthen.
Fit To The Core
Mat work and toning exercises build up core stability.
Functional Training
Functional fitness exercises to train your muscles to work together. Prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports.  
Glorious Glutes
Strong glutes are critical for jumping, running, moving laterally, and twisting. Tone and sculpt your derriere using resistance exercises and our new Climb Excite machine.
Sculpts abdominals and strengthens the core from shoulders to hips for a lean body profile.
Hatha Yoga
Yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques to energise and relax.
Interval Training
All over strength and toning circuits combined with high energy cardio and abs routine to kick-start your metabolism and burn calories.
Iyengar Yoga
Yoga practice with emphasis on precision and alignment to improve balance, strength, and mobility.
Kettlebells 6 week course
Resistance training for the entire body. Advanced pulley system helps you build muscle tone and strength while burning up to 30% more calories than a regular workout.
Kinesis Wellbeing
Improves mobility, balance, strength, and fitness using the advanced pulley system for full body resistance training.
Slow, strong movements improve flexibility, build strength and develop control. Get a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.
Pole 6-week courses
Fast paced and fun workout with pumping music. Tones and burn calories with specially designed exercise bikes.
Step aerobics
Stepping up to an elevated studio step with easy-to-follow dance routines tones and conditions lower body.
STOTT Pilates
A natural, free-flow approach to the traditional Pilates method that stretches and strengthens the body.
STOTT Pilates course
Stretch 6 week course
Tone and Kick
Elevate your heart rate by combining kickboxing and balance. Enjoy fast-paced moves followed by core balancing exercises to tone and sculpt your body.  
Vinyasa yoga
Energetic, flowing class synchronises posture with breath and creates heat for a great workout.
Walking Netball
A slowed down version of the game of netball, designed for anyone looking to exercise in a relaxed and supportive environment.
Yoga Wellbeing
This gentle, all-abilities class offers a great introduction to the strengthening and calming practice of yoga. Guided by your fully qualified instructor, you’ll learn how simple poses, focused breathing and meditation can help you relax and feel energised.
High energy dance-based class using elements of salsa, Latin, samba and tango steps.

* (Please note that on the first Wednesday of each month, the NHS Blood Donor team will be in the Sports Hall from 11.00am – 21.00pm.  This means that the scheduled CIRCUITS class will not run on these dates.  An alternative HIIT class will be held in the Pavilion from 6.30 – 7.30pm.